Grow your business with ReadyAffiliate Japan

Ready Affiliate Japan Co.Ltd.(RAJ) is the Affiliate Service Provider to introduce advertiser not only in Japan but also from overseas.

Business globalization is a common strategy of a company.
Affiliates are also required to perform their activities globally.
We, Ready Affiliate Japan (RAJ), aim to expand the affiliate business globally in response to the current movements of companies.

ReadyAffiliate is a global ASP company based in Malaysia.
ReadyAffiliateJapan is service provider to the customer (Affiliate or Advertiser) in Japan
  • What's new?
  • We are looking for Japanese affiliates who can communicate in English.
  • We are looking for foreign affiliates who have a residence permit in Japan.
  • We opened antenna shop to introduce ASIA product.      https:///
  • We introduce fashion brand “Thy Design” & "Abella" from Malaysia and “The Guard” from Thailand. If you want to sell this brand at your shop, please click “Corporate Affiliate”
  • RAJ participated Go Malaysia Expo 2021 as organizer of Japan Pavilion with 5 Japanese companies. View More