Service for Corperate Affiliate

We have a special affiliate contract scheme with Japanese companies. Currently, we are under contract for advertising, especially from advertisers in Southeast Asia. We provide promotional media that can be placed on physical advertising media such as DM as well as on the web, so please add it to your website and physical advertising media. In this scheme, B2B affiliate contract is signed between your company and our company, and the consideration is paid from our company. Since the operation is not complicated, it has the effect of reducing your operating costs.

Our sales representative will explain our service to you, so please enter the information of the person in charge of your company from the button of the “Inquiry”.

What's New

Companies providing travel services to Asia

In addition to hotels, restaurants, entertainment facilities, SIM card discounts, etc. are available as advertising media that expand the services to your customers.

Companies that provide various discount services

Some companies in Asia provide similar services, such as issuing discount cards. By adding information about facilities in Asia (as branches of the company), when customers use the facilities, expenses related to the use will be revenue.

  • Our director is a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has experience working in Asia.
  • The director's experience is Malaysia 5+ years, Vietnam 5+ years, Bangkok 5- years, China 8+ years, etc.
  • By conducting a cooperate affiliate, your company can expect the opportunity of business matching with companies in the same industry in Asia.