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We aim to support the expansion of companies' global business. Currently, we are focusing on improving the business environment in the Asian region. In order to develop your products and services in Asia, we will get business cooperation not only with our general affiliates, but also with Asian companies that are affiliated as corporate affiliates. As a result, it will trigger your business expansion into the Asian region. And we support you in expanding your business globally.

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What's New

Halal business market

We have many business connection to Halal market. If your product is targeting to Halal market, our service and business connection is benefit to your business.

Japan quality product

Our business partner is expecting reasonable price with Japan quality product. We have long B2B business and our business connection will be useful for your global business expansion. You can start your business to utilize our cooperate affiliate with low cost & less resk and it can be start of business matching.

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Our director is a company listed on the First Section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange and has experience working in Asia.
The director's experience is Malaysia 5+ years, Vietnam 5+ years, Bangkok 5- years, China 8+ years, etc.
By conducting a cooperate affiliate, your company can expect the opportunity of business matching with companies in the same industry in Asia.